Well. I never thought it was possible. Maybe it's not. Not for our whole society, anyway. But for you, redefining beauty has never been easier. Start by taking a look in your mirror with an Expo marker, and writing positive affirmations on it. My mirror says in big letters, "YOU ARE SO BEAUTIFUL!"  And after seeing it everyday, I think I truly believe it. Being beautiful could be meaningless, but if you've made it something meaningful, change your perspective. If you are unhappy, change your perspective. If you take a water bottle that has half the amount of water in it (not half full or half empty if you catch my drift...), throw around the bottle until you see the amount of water from all different angles. You start to notice whether that bottle is really half full or half empty. The only way to get through life is with that water bottle remaining half full...until you drink it all of course! One of my favorite facts is that when you force yourself to smile, your  brain thinks you are happy, so then you actually end up being happy! How's that for change of perspective?

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