Inner peace and the fight against it. -

On my Stop Pro-Ana facebook page, somebody told me that we cannot fight against eating disorders because people wouldn't say such a thing about a real physical illness. This is a very uneducated, and misinterpreted statement. People who are suffering with cancer are, in turn, fighting their cancer. People who have eating disorders as well are fighting against them. However, when there are all these pro-eating disorder websites, people are unable to start fighting earlier, because the communities are infested with negativity rather than supporting each other to get help or begin a journey of recovery. Just like any other illness, physical or mental (or both!), many people lose the fight everyday. That's why I continue to fight, even though I may not be battling my eating disorder to the same extremity that I did three years ago, even, I am not prepared to give in or lose the fight now. It's also why I fight for others by getting the word out about pro-eating disorder materials that exist. But enough of that.....that was just my little public service announcement! 
In looking for inspiration for today's blog, I saw some tweets about peace, and I was thinking, "What an awesome topic!" Because seriously, inner peace is something I always think about. I mostly think about it in terms of decisions. Like, does doing A rather than B bring me a sense of peace and calm? I ask myself questions like these when it comes to discerning life-changing decisions, but also with life in general.
There is nothing like inner peace. I don't mean the whole Buddha-like, super yoga peace. Because, I'm a devout Catholic and I'm not really into that. Not that you can't have both, because I know lots of people in recovery where yoga is a really awesome tool used as a vehicle to be one with your body and one with God (or any kind of spirit, divine power that the yoga-practicer may believe in). But inner peace brings a holistic calm to your heart. It gives you a sense of awareness that you can make it through this life with joy! JOY! Learning how to experience inner peace has been a long, hard journey that I am still embarking on everyday. What I've learned so far, and how I've come to experience even a taste of inner peace, even a taste of recovery, is another question. I have had to teach myself, and learn from the world, what it means to truly be beautiful. Not even superficially beautiful, or beautiful on the surface. There is so much more to beauty that is to be experienced in this life, I believe. God gave us beauty to experience it, not to create it to be an unattainable ideal that superficial beauty seems to be, simply because of the way our society has created it to be. 
Enough of my rambling. What I would like you to take away from this post, on this beautiful Sunday afternoon, is to think about your definition of inner peace. What is it like to possess inner peace? What does inner peace feel like? If you don't have inner peace, which we all do, I encourage you to search for it, look for it. You deserve to feel that peace, and that beauty that God has given us. And...if you don't feel like you deserve it, which is crazy but I'll entertain the thought, I encourage you to FIGHT! FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT!!!!! the way we fight cancer, eating disorders, and the same way I fight against these crazy pro-eating disorder sites!!!!!!!!!! 
So fight for that peace, my spiritual little ones. :) 

I think this is reflective of God's inner peace that the earth holds, a peace He has provided for all of us.
I know you all care about seeing a picture of me....but I think this picture of me reflects my inner joy and peace that I have FINALLY attained, but I will admit, I fought for it!

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