Today, I decided that this is my life and I'm going to live it the way I want to, and own that. Okay, wellll I didn't exactly decide that today. I think it's been more of a recovery thing of 2011. I learned it through one of my eating disorder clinicians who is all about what works for her, and no judgment by anyone else. It's her life so she's going to live it as she wants and sees fit for her. I try to do this on an everyday basis. It's hard when you are so willing to compare yourself to others, though. 
Regardless, I've been thinking of recording some super things that make me smile each day to keep in tune with my post yesterday. I sent this video to my boyfriend today. I haven't actually watched the video, but I'm obsessed with the song. I heard it on the radio the other day after hearing it many times before. but so simple! oh how a kiss can just put the brightest smile on my face :D. I know for many of us this isn't possible though. I remember hearing recovery bits about how your significant other can make you smile or how to even deal with your significant other. Not so handy tips if you don't have that someone or if you are in a messy situation with someone. I've been there, both situations. I waited a long time, however, and God put the most amazing guy in my life! But enough about this. This blog is totally not about the male species.... So you want to know how to take ownership of your life? It isn't that much different than finding that special something that makes you smile. While the world doesn't revolve around you, let's face it, your life does. And if you don't take ownership of your life, believe me, nobody else is! just like if you don't take care or worry about you, nobody else is in the same way that you would. So,  I would just say that I took ownership of my life by making decisions solely based upon what I wanted and how I can help others but still doing what I want to do. It's not about making things revolve around me, but about making sure that i don't do something just because I see somebody else doing it, or doing something because I feel I won't compare with anyone else if I don't, or that God won't love me the same way if  I don't. After coming from a hard time of eating disordered prefectionism, this is a hard concept to wrap my head around. No comparing? No having to do everything perfectly?! GASP! but in all seriousness, there really is no need for any of that. So take ownership of You, beautiful, because nobody else is. IT'S YOUR LIFE! SO LIVE IT!!!!! and in the wise words of spongebob, today is tomorrow's yesterday. Don't let that go by without having lived your live the way you want. Take ownership of that life, you owe it to you ;)

Now I have to go pray my decade of the rosary before bed. No, they still can't figure out what is the matter with me. :(

Hugs and life giving ownership,

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