Well if it honestly took medical professionals to find this out this late, I'm saddened by the perspective of outsiders who know little about eating disorders. Check it out. They kill their bodies with fats and grease
but we give our bodies nothing at all."  

That's a line of a pro-ana poem disovered by the authors of that article. It most definitely is sickening, and I can't believe I used to be fed those lines when I was at my sickest. I was looking for each little thing that would feed my disorder. Looking on the computer all night, when I was an insomniac because I made myself stay up all night, half because I thought it would help me lose weight, and half because when I fasted like crazy, I could not get an ounce of sleep in. There are many people out there right now acting how I did, and worse. When I used to follow pro-ana girls on Twitter, we used to hear about pro-ana girls that were going into the hospital because they were dying, and we also used to hear about girls that died. This is all because of eating disorders, and more importantly, these deaths stemmed from pro-ana/mia sites. It has got to stop. And I'm going to do whatever it takes to make it. Please help me.

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